TaylorMade M3 Driver Review


TM M3 Driver
TM M3 Driver


Along with its more forgiving brother the M4 the TaylorMade M3 driver dominates the professional golf tours in number of bags and number of wins. It also scores highly in testing with an average rating of almost 5 stars.

The M3 is distinguished from the M4 primarily by its extra adjustability. The M3 has two moveable weights in its sole that can be moved along a Y shaped slot to change the centre of gravity of the club which varies the launch, spin and ball shape tendencies of the club to better fit the golfer. The M3 incorporates TaylorMade’s new Twist Face, Hammerhead Slot and Geocoustic sole innovations and retains the 2 degrees adjustable hosel from the M1. The consensus of reviews from across the web was that the M3 was a good step up from its predecessor the M1 with the new innovations generating more speed, more effective adjustability and more forgiveness.

The M3 is aimed at the better player as it is less forgiving than the M4 but allows for better optimisation of the club to the players swing characteristics.

Y Track

The Y Track sole has 2 moveable weights that can be moved into any position along a Y shaped track. The two top sections of the Y are at the back end of the head to allow the weight to be set into either a fade or draw setting, potentially straightening up the golfers standard shot shape.

Moving the weights forward or back will change the centre of gravity (CG) to increase or reduce the workability of the driver. A forward CG allows better players to work the ball more, but reduces forgiveness on mishits. A deeper CG (which the M4 driver has fixed into its design) provides more face stability and reduces the impact of mishits.

Twist Face

One of the big innovations promoted by TaylorMade for this driver is the Twist Face design. Twist Face is an update on the normal bulge and roll shape that all drivers have. TaylorMade determined that amateurs miss more either high on the toe or low on the heel and increased the amount of shape in these areas so that the gear effect put on the ball tends to offset the effect of the mishit. Gear effect is the physics where a ball hit somewhere other than the sweet spot imparts spin on the ball. By shaping the face correctly manufacturers create spin that offsets the direction of the mishit:

  • Shots off the toe – which tend to push (go right for righties) – generate draw spin so that they curl back towards where the player was aiming
  • Shots off the heel – which tend to pull (go left for righties) – generate fade spin so that they curl back towards the fairway

Twist Face better matches the amount of spin to the amount of mishit. Reviewers determined that the design does work and for most amateurs – and especially high handicappers who hit the sweet spot less often – this is a significant benefit.

Hammerhead Speed Slot

The M4 also the new Hammerhead Speed Slot maximised ball speeds particularly on shots lower on the face. The new slot design is larger than previous designs, increasing the sweet spot by 67% over the M2 driver according to TaylorMade. Again this design helps players who do not hit the sweet spot consistently, reducing the amount of speed lost on mishits. In other drivers the extra speed could lead to shots going deeper into the trees but combined with the Twist Face design the extra speed will be more beneficial as the shot curls back more towards where the player intended.

Geocoustic Sole

The changes to the face and speed slot have both freed up weight, and along with that TaylorMade have redesigned the sole of the club and moved that available weight back and low in the head. This has the effect of stabilising the head in space, which reduces the impact of off-centre hits twisting the face and sending the ball off-line. It also increases the launch angle of the ball which is beneficial for lower swing speeds to get the right launch angle for maximum distance.

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4 thoughts on “TaylorMade M3 Driver Review

  1. This is very informative and insightful. I never knew how important golf drivers were to overall success with golfing. I remember when my grandfather’ golf clubs and the drivers on them looked nothing like the TaylorMade M3 Driver. The design of the TaylorMade M3 Driver looks innovative and modern. If me or my husband ever decide to start golfing, this post is where I’ll refer back to for more information about this product.


    1. Thanks Britney. It’s a great game – endlessly challenging and endlessly frustrating too! 😀 Hopefully your husband and you will give it a go some time.

  2. When I first glimpsed the image of the golf club you’ve included in this post I thought it was a snapshot of a car interior, lol. It really looked like the inside of a BMW or something.
    I love the feature with the movable weights to tweak the club to one’s preferences.

    1. Thanks James
      The club does look pretty good – I expect TaylorMade would be very pleased to be compared to the BMW M3. That’s a great looking car – would love one in my driveway!
      Drivers have changed so much recently and the moveable weights are a big innovation to make the club better work with the golfer’s swing

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